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Swim Strong

Each Shark Tank athlete is challenged to reach inside to find what drives them. They are both motivated and pushed to reach their potential, and trained to take with them to competition the techniques, race tactics and mental readiness that they have learned through intense and structured training sessions. They swim with strength, determination and fortitude; each of these characteristics epitomizes Shark Tank athletes. 

Train Hard

Each Shark Tank athlete is expected to make every training session a learning opportunity by giving full attention and dedication to their coaches and by completing each workout to the best of their ability. Shark Tank athletes are expected to train like they race and with each training session they work to correct where there is weakness and to maximize their strengths.  It is expected that Shark Tank swimmers look forward to each practice as an opportunity to better themselves and to move one step closer to achieving their expectations and goals.

Race Fast

Each athlete that embraces the Shark Tank spirit, swims strong and trains hard will inevitably race fast. Each race presents a new opportunity to measure performance. Within the Shark Tank Racing Squad, success is measured by consistently dropping time in events as well as by demonstrating mastery of newly learned skills, at every competition.

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