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The Shark Tank Racing Squad training program is designed with a goal of maximizing the potential of each swimmer. We believe and have proven, that a concentrated 'swimmer-centric' focus on a smaller group of athletes yields a higher percentage of top performers over a shorter (more compressed) period of time or training cycle. Each TANK athlete is carefully vetted to in order to determine if he/she possesses certain 'train-ability' and 'coach-ability' attributes and characteristics that are required to maximize the full benefits of our program(s). This combination and synergy of attribution and characteristics exemplify the training methodology that is unique to the Shark Tank Racing Squad. We feel that this concentration, combined with these specific attributes, is the perfect recipe to reach this goal.

The Shark Tank is an ability based team. Our roster has included swimmers ranging in age from 7-21+ years old.

Each prospective candidate(s) must be proficient in all four strokes, entries and turns, including IM conversions, therefore, a tryout is required for membership. In addition to an eager and willing swimmer, a dedicated and supportive family is one of the criteria reviewed when interviewing candidates.

Our practices are 1.5 - 2 hours in duration. Swimmers must be in proper, initial condition to quickly reach this baseline endurance level and training capacity. Our swimmers commit to continuing age appropriate strength and resistance training outside of practice. 

Activities and interests outside of swimming are both expected and supported, however, all swimmers are required to practice a minimum of 4 hours a week (two practices) to be eligible to compete at swim meets. TANK is a 'swimming as a priority' team.

We expect that swim practice(s) and swim meets are to be given priority above other activities by all swimmers.

A Shark Tank (TANK) tryout can be requested at anytime and /or conducted by appointment, by announcement or invitation.

For more information regarding training programs, membership fees, specifics about the expectations for a successful tryout and/or other information  please send email our Team Manager at in order to obtain more detailed information.

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