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Swim Team Prep Program

Program Description

Shark Tank Racing Squad’s Swim Team Prep Program (STP) is designed as a stepping stone program that prepares swimmers to become contributing and successful members of higher- level USA Swimming teams.

Our Swim Team Prep Program teaches and/or develops stroke mechanics for all competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and underwater dolphin kick) and all competitive skills (i.e. turns, entries, breakouts). STP is also a tool to increase conditioning, endurance, power, and swimmer’s confidence.

Shark Tank Racing Squad’s Swim Team Prep Program can additionally be used as a platform for high-school swim team preparation, summer swim league preparation, and/or simply as a mechanism to maintain a higher level of stroke mechanics training, and competitive skills development.

Shark Tank Racing Squad’s Swim Team Prep Program session(s) are administered/instructed in a ‘clinic-like’ fashion by the highly skilled and talented members of our (TANK) coaching staff. Each member of our coaching staff offers one or more specialization areas in competitive swimming.

TANK’s STP is administered as a monthly program that does not require an annual contractual commitment. As a monthly program, STP offers the flexibility to adapt to specific schedules and the capability to obtain/maintain elite-level coaching and technical instruction.

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