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Shark Tank Racing Squad (TANK) was founded in the Fall of 2009 and established a headquarters in Woodbridge, Virginia. From the first day, the swimmers were steadfast in their commitment to the mission, and with each meet the team became stronger and the buzz became louder.

Each step was a challenge and nothing came without the price of time, commitment and heartache. However, through it all the swimmers were warriors and their numbers grew as their times dropped. From day one we were a team. People noticed when we walked onto the deck, we noticed their parents in the stands, and they noticed their coaching staff at their sides. They saw the sharks drawn on their backs and history was made.

After a hard fought battle, in January 2010, TANK officially became a member of USA Swimming's Potomac Valley to the cheers of friends and competitors alike. By the end of the long course season over half of the team's swimmers had qualified for and competed in Championship meets. It was an inaugural year that will never be forgotten.

Relationships have been forged, friendships born, the first records set and many of those records have since been broken, several times. The 2019-2020 swim season marks the 10th anniversary that Shark Tank Racing Squad (TANK - PV) will compete as a USA Swimming team. 

Welcome to our journey. Get ready to make history!

The Original Six 

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