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The Shark Tank Racing Squad staff includes a variety of coaches who are intensely dedicated to the health, happiness and overall well-being of our swimmers.

Each coach is, as required, certified by USA Swimming has completed required coaching education and have passed extensive background screening which has regular automatic search updates with a full check run every two years.

Our coaching staff is carefully vetted, selected and internally trained which has resulted in producing a team of the best, brightest and most unique in the (DMV) area. The majority of our coaches are either currently serving or have served as Head or Assistant coach(es) of a summer swim team. Their backgrounds include long time (competitive) swimmers, high-level swim instructors, lifeguard instructors, lifeguards, law enforcement, active duty-military.

The very hands-on strategy that the Shark Tank offers would not be possible without the commitment to the swimmer to coach ratio we employ. Each individual swimmer is touched at every practice and steps are taken following each practice to track the implementation and development of skills shared during that training session. 

We have learned that the role the coaching staff plays in preparing the swimmers mentally for competition has been pivotal to their success. There is always someone for them to approach or reach out to with myriad issues outside of the actual event or practice that faces them. Healthy eating and race preparation are discussed and supported, nerves calmed, and motivational tools are often employed.

The Shark Tank Racing Squad teaches more than stroke mechanics and competitive excellence. It is our belief that a ‘whole’ individual makes the most successful kind of athlete. Our expectations of self-motivation, dedication and discipline go beyond the pool and help to benefit the whole person. The staff is actively involved with the swimmers in terms of their life celebrations, successes and challenges in school/outside activities and personal goals. Additionally, the communication that exists between our staff members gives insight into swimmers that each coach individually may not otherwise recognize. There is a deep commitment to both the swimming success of each swimmer and the enjoyment they derive from the sport. This interaction on a psychological level has been a significant and crucial component of our coaching strategy, which we consider an invaluable tool.

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