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Team Management and Coaches of Shark Tank Racing Squad (TANK) are committed to the happiness, health, success and, most importantly, the safety of our swimmers. In addition to policies in place for their safety at practices and swim meets (buddy system for younger swimmers, a coach waits in the evenings until all swimmers have been picked up, etc.), we have policies for our staff that exceed the guidelines put in place by USA Swimming as it relates to Coach/Swimmer interaction. Coaches are discouraged from providing rides to individual swimmers. As our team is maturing, policies are being reviewed for Swimmer/Swimmer interaction; until then, our code of conduct speaks to appropriate interaction between swimmers when participating in team practices, meets and activities.

Although friendships and social interactions are expected and encouraged, Shark Tank Racing Squad is a family. Activities and discussions at practices and meets that exclude some or all members of the team should be saved for another time. Relationships and friendships between swimmers that can be viewed by the public, whether personal interaction at practices and swim meets or conversations on social mediums that are visible to the public, should be appropriate in nature. This is reiterated in our Swimmer Code of Conduct. As policies on these issues are discussed and outlined, any necessary conversations will take place as needed.

We ask that you be aware that our coaches are prohibited from having contact with swimmers through social networking sites, whether the coach’s or the swimmer’s. Any telephone or electronic communication is limited to swim team information or to deliver news of successes in school or other activities, when applicable. The conduct of our staff is expected to transcend swim, like our swimmers’ conduct, and applicants will be fully researched and chosen with this in mind. The Team Manager is always available to meet and communicate with the swimmers and families, and for you returning families it is known how close a connection exists between the swimmers, but their safety and long term happiness is paramount. Members are strongly encouraged to communicate to the Team Manager, with no delay, any concerns at all relating to Athlete Protection issues. Feel free to read more about Safe Sport at

When it comes to the swimmers on this team, our priorities include their enjoyment and their safety and we will work tirelessly to assure both.

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